Thursday, 3 January 2013

Turnout Tools

Below the tools used in construction of the turnouts are listed below. The Xuron hand tolls are must have items to aid in the construction of the turnouts shown as spike insertion is not practical with the needle nose pliers.

Tools for Track Laying

Xuron Rail Cutters - Kitty Tools Long Nose Pliers - Xuron Rail Cutters Vertical - Xuron Spiking Tool - Xuron Spike Removers

The Xuron Rail Cutters are available from good hobby shops and the same for the Needle Nose Pliers. The Xuron spiking tool and remover are only available from Micro-Mart in the USA. To view details click on titles above.

Vernier Scribers

These are a modified set of Verniers to be used as a specialist scriber. In track work they are used for checking the B/B gauge of the rails and preparing cutting line by scribing parallel line on the brass sheet used to create the special parts needed for the turnouts. They are converted from a old set of Verniers by grinding a chamfered ends forming a sharp scriber on both jaws.

Hand Tools

The assorted hand tools used in turnout construction. Pencil 0.5 mm - Mascot 3/8'' Flat file - Points File - 300 mm fine hacksaw blade - Dental Pick - Flat and 3 mm Square Jewellers files - Hex Drive Chucks - 42 tpi Razor saw - Drills 0.04'' and 0.024''.

Most of these hand tools are readily available from any good hobby shop. The Hex drive chucks are supplied by Gywder Valley Models.

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