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NSWGR PC 2 Station

Concrete Building History.

The concrete building of the NSWGR were a outcome of the need to reduce maintenance of the timber based designs. The first designs were placed in service in 1917 but came to predominance the 1920's. Over the years the design was refined but the major difference was that till the mid 20's the slab were based on a 15'' design. After that time the design was changed to 10'' with other improvements to reduce leakage and improve appearance. The designs was modular giving great flexibility in layout but all shared the same base dimensions and floor layout.

The majority of these building were placed on freight lines which makes them correct for the Golgong to Mary Vale line. The designs were give the prefix of PC with PC 1 begin the most basic design functioning as a shelter, waiting room and goods store. The PC 2 had accommodation for station staff both for work and overnight stay making the design perfect for Spicers Creek. For those requiring more information a good article can be found in the Australian Journal of Model Railway Modelling - Issue 7 and at the time of writing back issues were available. The renders are for the final design that was developed using a HO kit version from Rail Central, Issue 7 of the Journal and Greg Edward's Data Sheet No B 27.  

Model Construction. 

It was decided to develop a 3D solid model's of the PC 2 station and have the necessary components manufactured as high resolution rapid prototypes. The final models will be cast in urethane , assembled and offered painted and assembled in  three parts foundations , building and accessories. ModelFxs is currently investigating assembly by a third party so this will be long term and no information will be available untill the models are ready for sale due to the unknowns involved.  The era of kits is really over for the time begin as most modelers are as a group time poor...!

Renders of the models are shown below:

Colours shown are not prototype and have been used for clarity when rendering only.

Update 23/2/13
Rapid Proto type master are ready now and will be shipped for pre production samples and to check assembly

Revision History
18/1/13 - image updated
22/2/13 - Rapid prototype notice added

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