Thursday, 22 November 2012


The Maryvale to Gulgong line was selected after spending considerable time on the NSW Rail Net site. The line will a be prototype freelanced line as it was never completed. Various publications have covered this area including the actual line from Musslebrook to Denman so these are best left to research by the reader.

The line is to be modelled as a secondary mainline circa 1960 connecting to Bylong [thanks to Ray Pilgrim] via Gulgong. The proposed Gulgong to Maryvale section was 70 kilometres in the real world with the modelled area being Goomla to Spicers Creek which is about 18 kilometres apart with tunnel No 5 located between both providing the scenery break between the two major stage sets.

Spicers Creek

The line will handle trans-shipments of coal from the Bylong line to various distribution points on the NSWGR line. A daily passenger train will be headed by a recently acquired 32 class and will be scheduled will run through on the way to and from Musslebrook or in reality running from staging yard to staging yard. Coal trains will be pulled by two yet to be constructed 50 class and locals handled by a proposed 30T. Local passenger traffic will be met with the CPH that I now have with the grain trains pulled by a well-weathered but nearly complete 40 class.

The Dream

The dream is just that a home layout that will incorporate the two modules shown above and will fill a 10 x 10-meter garage. The loops penetrate the wall at two places as the wall backs onto a rear fence. The use of this unused area allowed the creation of four separate time zones and stage sets. The goal for the O Scale 2014 exhibition is to have the Spicers Creek scene available for public display in basic form.

The Spicers Creek stage set is 2 separate modules 3.8 x 1.2 wide. These modules are intended as part of any future home layout so the size and format has taken precedence over exhibition use. Remember that this is the equivalent of a 1900 x 600 mm module in HO but this is the price you pay for using the king of scales.

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