Sunday, 18 November 2012


Choosing to model in a prototype in a specific location this is really a philosophy that provides a guide to the modeling. Prototype modeling created alternatives such a freelance, prototype freelancing but share one common thread; they all provide a context and constraint for one's modeling.

At this point I will mention Rodney James of AR Kits. Rodney's exhibition layouts displayed a clear philosophy that was had a definite effect on how any layout I was to build was to be achieved - Thank you.!

                          Layout Philosophy:

                          O scale 7 mm NSWGR

                           Prototype freelanced location

                           NMRA DCC Control

                           Sound equipped locomotives

                           Sound equipped rolling stock

                           Modular construction

                           Stage Set to Stage Set Layout Design.

                           Background Sound Track for each Stage Set

                           Object specific Dynamic Point Sounds

                           Day and Night Lighting effects

                           Animation of non railroad items

                           Computer control with JMRI Panels

                           Use of only water based materials

                           Foam scenery and paint texture base

                           Natural Scenery colouring

                           Scale Time Zones and Timetable

                           Signal's Home & Distant

                           Interlocked lever frames

                           Ask for help when its needed and offered....!

Tall order?  Maybe but remember it's now 2012 and not the 80's and the hardware, control and equipment now exist at a affordable level to allow such a philosophy to be attempted. Some of the objectives outlined have a clear solution others not so clear but we not have to invent the systems to attempt all the objectives as the technology exists waiting to be adapted now..!

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