Sunday, 15 June 2014

Spicers Creek Station

Though I will not be modelling Spicers Creek Station any new information will not be rejected. At the Epping Show with the two modules on display, I was offered some plans for the complete Spicers Creek Station. The actual plan received is so large it is not practical to reproduce it here so two critical sections have been extracted.

Spicers Creek Station

Gulgong Side Yard

The most important piece of information is the reference to "Netted Fence" - it is confirmed that both side's of the line would have been fitted with rabbit-proof fencing.

Put simply it means that the whole model will have to have mesh fence constructed if the original date of construction in the mid 30's is to be used as a starting point..!

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Colin Hussey said...

Hi Garry

Looking at the station diagram & the way the end ramps are set back, it looks very much like Spicers Ck would have been the watering stop for steam, with the columns being set inside the recess between track & platform.