Thursday, 30 January 2014

Crane Gantry Model

The NSWGR Gantry Crane was found on many sidings within the system. The model was produced from the data sheet provided by Greg Edwards detail using photos of the prototype located Merriwa. Additional detail photographs were sourced from Kerian Ryan Models showing a crane at Ardlethan from his range of Australian Railway Detail Photographs. The completed model is all brass, assembled, painted ready for installation and available in HO and O scale.

  • All brass & painted ready to install [Footing is painted in a concrete colour]
  • Chain blacken brass 40 links [HO] & 27 links to the inch [O]
  • Wire is 0.008'' elastic line
  • Available in HO [1:87] and O [1:43.5] scale
  • Developed by
The sidings diagrams for Drill Creek and Goolma showed a crane and are marked as 5T. The diagrams are in the research chapter - for information Click Here

          Available exclusively from  from Model RR Craftsman - CLICK HERE

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