Monday, 7 October 2013

Modular Layout

After much discussion with Ben & Geoff Small it was decided that it would be a good exercise to take the layout to the next level - well not really but the growing reality of the task to create a dream layout focused by creating Spicers Creek and with the small amount completed to date combined with a desire to have a operating layout and a very occasional exhibition layout created the new arrangement shown above.

One of the issues of all exhibition layouts is 80% of the infrastructure is not a public one and this is a real problem in O scale where the minimum radius is 1550 mm [5 feet]. This design seeks to maximize the public viewing for the layout footprint. The viewing area is 22.8 meters [74 feet]  with a 10.5 x 4.9 meters [34 x 16 feet] foot print providing 86% of the perimeter as viewing area with the back against a wall. The issue has to be if exhibition managers are willing to provide a location with all sides view-able and the back against a wall.

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