Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Goolma today is a small village on the proposed Ulan Line but would be the major station on the layout in its finished form. At this time I have not given much thought to it final incarnation other that to do a proposed layout .

On a visit to Spicers Creek to measure the bridge abutments and when passing through the town a flash on concrete was noted. A stroll down a path reviled one of the many abutments on the line but this one screamed to me "Model It" .There published here for a little inspiration.

Abutment Spicers Creek End

Abutment Goomla End - road side 

Abutment Spicers Creek End - road side

Looking back to Goomla

Looking to roadway - not seen

Rear of Church - rail to cross road on opposite side

Culvert looking from Front of Church - line to Spicers Creek

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