Wednesday, 20 February 2013

NSWGR Water Tank

The water tanks used on the NSWGR were unique in that they featured cast iron panels bolted together to form a 20000 gallon storage as shown with a 40000 gallon tank featuring another row of panels. The design required extensive usage of internal tension rods to contain the load generated by the water. Though not shown on the plans it is intended to install one at Goombla and Drill Creek for the visual flavour.

The model shown features a integrated filling spout as shown while others used a US style spout. In other areas line side water cranes were provided and the tank was just a storage reservoir. The design dose not alter with only the spout shown removed.

Lineside water canes are available from Waratah Models.

The layout used to produce the 3D model are available from Greg Edwards Data Sheets  and the rendered drawing should aid in the interpretation of those drawings.

Track side view 20000 gallon tank with timber frame

View on top side of tank

Currently we are investigating producing the tank with a laser cut timber base in 7 mm . The model will proceed on the basis of a assembled product.

Update: 22/2/13

Rob from Laser Rail Bits has created the prototype of the wooden frame for the water tank based on his successful HO version.  We now have to proceed the rapid prototype of the tank. This will proceed once we can select a suitable technique for the manufacture.

The kit is available from the Model RR Craftsman.

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