Saturday, 4 September 2021

Rabbit Trap - The Model

The prototype was measured on a field trip and a 3D model was produced shown in the rendering above. There use is discussed in detail in a previous article on Rabbit Traps. The model was rapid prototypical and cast in urethane by Peter Boorman Models in Queensland. The urethane castings where assembled into the completed model shown then painted in weathered concrete, washed to age of 30 years. One complete assembly is fitted at each side of the embankment.

No information can be found at this time on the beams that supported the rail except that they were mostly likely steel. The problem is how was the rail fixed and at this point a educated guess is applied in the form of clamps. This form of construction would allow the beams to be completely fabricated off site, fit to any rail and allow replacement of worn sections, so for now this is how it is modeled until better information becomes available.

The pit is 66 mm wide

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